Tuesday, December 29, 2009



I made this abstract sketch to portray the "illusion" factor of love.The side- effects of "love" is unimaginable. It can make you strong ,it can make you weak,it can turn you into a Leonard di vinci, a Picasso, Saki, Stephen Spielberg, Zidane, Steve Jobs etc etc. The famous song of MLTR ( Michael learns to rock) " Love is a big illusion" is an appropriate one for this topic.Love is really a illusion. When you are in "true" love ( not time pass!!) you cant decide what is wrong and what is right. It is one hell of a fairy tale ride.Unrealistic things looks realistic and easy. You start to imagine him or her as your life partner and then a job , a small house , few kids and a doggie ...happily ever after. Life becomes a garden of fresh roses. Every day use to be a good day. You just go deeper and deeper into this illusion. Expectation grows in GP ( geometric progression).But unfortunately if u get ditched or hurt ....rest is history( duniya hila ke rakh dete hain) . I think love is good and love is great. It is important and it is beautiful, however one should avoid the illusion factor as mentioned above. Relationship should be based on realistic terms and goals and not kinda of fairy tale. This will help the relationship to grow, to be strong and in case if you get hurt( jyada dhakka nahi lagega). :). So what you say??

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  1. Hmm.. A different insight of love... but I think those illusion and dreams are our savor in this materialistic world!